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Each phase of the discovery process requires experience and planning.  

At the beginning of every project, Granite Legal consultants will meet with your team to identify and plan the most effective and cost efficient protocols for your matter.

Our discovery consulting services include:

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Data Mapping

Identification of potential sources of relevant information is the critical first step in the discovery process. Identification should be as thorough and comprehensive as possible given the constraints and requirements of the case.  Granite Legal has developed systematic, efficient and defensible processes for identifying potentially relevant information wherever it might exist. Granite consultants create a targeted topology of the network infrastructure, identifying and documenting critical information about potential sources of relevant data.  This litigation-oriented data map enables legal teams to quickly identify and understand potential sources of relevant information. 

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Enterprise Database Discovery

Managing the identification, collection and legal analysis of data contained within large corporate database systems is one of the biggest challenges in eDiscovery. While high-value key case information is increasingly identified within these systems, these data sources do not easily fit within the established eDiscovery processes for common loose files and email content.  The discovery process for enterprise database systems involves significant and unique challenges that require expert technical assistance in order to avoid errors, reduce costs and assure defensibility.  Granite Legal makes enterprise data accessible and actionable for the legal team, enabling efficient and effective review.  

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eDiscovery Processing

Collected data must be processed before it can be reviewed by attorneys or produced to third parties. Processing involves the extraction of text and metadata from native files enabling various data culling techniques such as de-duplication, keyword searches, and conceptual analysis.  Granite has extensive experience handling all types of data conversion and analysis. We always implement the solution that fits the requirements of the case, whether providing routine data de-duplication or performing sophisticated conceptual analysis to facilitate predictive coding of documents.

ESI Collection

Granite Legal consultants assist the legal team in identifying information sources, custodians, efficient collection methodologies and quality control methods to ensure the most defensible and cost effective collection solution. We leverage our proprietary eCollector technology to perform targeted collections on-site or remotely of electronic documents and email on laptops, workstations and network servers. The eCollector system provides a defensible and complete eDiscovery collection. Granite has extensive international collections experience including EU, AU, South America, Africa and Singapore based data sets.

Preservation & Hold Management

Preservation may include issuing legal hold notices to individuals and data stewards, or collecting information that is at risk of being destroyed or lost. Granite has extensive experience helping clients develop and manage the entire preservation process. Granite Legal consultants create, distribute, track and report on preservation notices to custodians and data stewards. 

Custodian Identification

Granite leverages existing human resources, custodian data and enterprise system case specific information to assist IT and Legal departments in identifying all custodians of ESI related to a specific litigation.  Granite then develops a strategy for defensibly collecting potentially relevant information related to those custodians, whether on-site, remotely or discretely through network connections.

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Project Management

Project Management is essential to successful and defensible discovery response. The Granite team is comprised of attorneys, paralegals, technologists and litigation support staff averaging over 20 years of experience managing discovery projects for law firms and corporate legal departments.  Our experience has taught us the value of detailed project planning, management and execution.  There are few challenges that we have not seen. Granite Legal consultants work closely with outside counsel, the in-house legal team, IT and other business constituents to ensure that discovery response is efficient and defensible with the least possible business disruption.  Granite Legal professionals will develop and manage a project plan that meets all applicable legal requirements without creating undue burden for your business.

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Case Settlement Systems

Our proprietary settlement management systems successfully track litigation settlements with tens or hundreds of thousands of transactions - including those which vary in amount and frequency.


The settlement tracking features process validation and participation certification in addition to payment and claim finalization processing.  Settlement program data may be tracked, summarized and reported according to the specific program needs.  The system structure supports unlimited settlement groups, regions, product lines and liens filed on the case.  Fully secure, our system saves project time, effort and cost. 

Case Management Systems

Granite Legal’s CMS litigation software manages and supports large scale multi-plaintiff/multi-organization matters which require high volume transactional processing.


Fully customizable to the needs of your matters, our CMS comes with information collection forms for plaintiffs and claimants. End users have a secure and encrypted technology to provide litigation details to authorized client parties. Our CMS captures, manages and reports detailed litigation information, including data, documents and reports.

Document Production

Not only do Granite Legal consultants ensure that the production meets the agreed-upon specifications, we support counsel with negotiating the production protocols at the start of the matter, ensuring that the parties can focus on the merits of the case rather than the form of production.

Data Analytics

Granite Legal consultants help you reduce project costs by analyzing collected information prior to incurring by-volume vendor conversion or hosting charges. We further reduce your costs by filtering the review document set through conceptual analysis, date range, file type, key word and custodian grouping criteria.

Document Review

Document review is the most expensive aspect of eDiscovery. To manage these costs, the Granite Legal review process consists of several stages.  First, we assemble a team appropriate to the case, including project managers and review attorneys selected for their experience with the type or subject matter of the litigation and familiarity with the document review platform.  Second, we apply data analytics suitable to the nature of the data and the litigation to ensure that the review process will be as efficient as possible without sacrificing accuracy. Finally, we employ an experienced-based comprehensive review protocol to ensure that only relevant, non-privileged information is provided to the opposing party.


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