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Enterprise Database Discovery

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"Managing the identification, collection and legal analysis for data contained within large corporate database systems is one of the biggest challenges in eDiscovery."

High-value key case information is increasingly identified within such large corporate enterprise systems (as well as their “legacy” predecessors).  However, these data sources do not easily fit within the established discovery processes for traditional loose files and email content.  The discovery process for enterprise database systems involves significant and unique challenges that require expert technical assistance in order to avoid errors, reduce costs and assure defensibility.


Enterprise systems are used by businesses to facilitate core business functions such as finance, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, human resources, sales, customer interactions, etc. They are also used to automate processes specific to the line of business, e.g., pharmaceutical companies have systems that manage information for clinical trials, complaint databases, adverse events and medical inquiries.  


Not only is the information stored in enterprise systems relevant and discoverable, that information will likely represent high-value data key to the core litigation issues. The collection, analysis, review, and production of the data from these systems, however, is highly problematic and complex.  For this reason, The Sedona Conference®, the eDiscovery think tank, recommends that counsel consider expert assistance for preserving, extracting, analyzing, and producing data from databases. 

Enterprise Database System Types

  • Oracle

  • SAP

  • PeopleSoft

  • SAS

  • SQL

  • Hyperion

  • Informix

  • Great Plains

  • JD Edwards

  • Lawson

  • Legacy Systems

  • SharePoint

  • IBM

  • Data Warehouses

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • Proprietary Systems

  • Lotus Notes/Domino

  • DB2

  • Kronos

Discovery Considerations

  • Meet & Confers

  • Data Mapping

  • Large Data Sets

  • Legacy Data

  • Complex Data

  • Specialty Data

  • Encrypted Data

  • Proprietary Data

  • SAS files

  • Code Base

  • Scientific Data

  • Data Migrations

  • Review Strategies


  • Sensitive Data

  • Bulk Redactions

  • Proprietary Systems

  • Database Collections

  • Productions

  • Data Anonymization


Granite Legal Systems offers a uniquely distinct level of expertise in these frequently overlooked and misunderstood components of eDiscovery.  Our expertise is based on the technical skill, e-Discovery knowledge and collective experience of our veteran consulting team.


Granite has successfully collected, processed and produced billions of rows of data from repositories such as Oracle, SQL, SAP, SAS, DB2, Lotus Notes/Domino and countless other modern and legacy enterprise systems.   


Granite utilizes a disciplined, methodical and defensible approach to each unique system to ensure the efficient and accurate collection, analysis, review, and production of enterprise data:

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